Long-term campaign seeks shift from social care to wellbeing

#SocialCareFuture has been awarded a grant by Hallmark Foundation to develop and seek investment in plans for a long-range campaign to bring about a marked, measurable improvement in the wellbeing of people with cause to draw on support to live their lives.

Building on the foundations laid by #SocialCareFuture since 2018, this step change in our work is inspired by campaigns such as Caring Across Generations in the USA and Every Australian Counts, as well as other successful social change initiatives.  As a system change campaign, it will focus on reshaping expectations & imagination about a future beyond social care where the focus is on achieving and maintaining wellbeing across the life course for everyone, on building individual and collective power among current and future generations of people who draw on support and their allies to shape and influence change and on promoting and harnessing transformative innovation towards these goals.

Hallmark’s grant will support #SocialCareFuture to bring together a coalition of co-strategists and designers, involving people who draw on support, people from partner organisations and people from outside the field with expertise and helpful contacts related to movement building, shifting public mindsets, political influencing and fundraising.  Through this work they will design and map the resource requirements of a multi-year campaign and then engage potential investors and funders, as well as those able to offer support in kind, such as from creative agencies.

Anna Severwright, co-convener of #SocialCareFuture said “Hallmark Foundation’s grant will help us to pursue our ambition to mount a major, long-range campaign to ensure that those of us with cause to draw on social care or support to live our lives should be able to live in the place we call home, leading the lives want to lead, in communities where we feel we belong.”

Stephen Burke, Chief Executive of the Hallmark Foundation said: “Hallmark Foundation is delighted to support #SocialCareFuture in the next phase of its ambitious mission to reinvent care and promote the wellbeing of people drawing on support. We need positive campaigning that creates a new future shaped by people of all ages wherever they live. Changing mindsets is central to Hallmark Foundation’s vision of a country where everyone can age well, every step of the way.”

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