Neha Goyal

Neha Goyal is a young entrepreneur starting her own business at the age of 21, with a passion for growing her online retail business and increasing her property portfolio. Neha is deeply committed to the mission of the Hallmark Foundation and its goal of creating a better future for all. Neha’s passion for philanthropy and social responsibility is evidenced by her active involvement in various charitable endeavours. She has leveraged her skills and experience to support and empower underprivileged communities. One of Neha’s notable contributions is her organisation of charitable events like Miss Universe Essex and Miss Universe London, which serve as powerful platforms for raising awareness and vital funds for causes dear to her heart. 

Beyond her professional pursuits, Neha is known for her compassion and empathy towards others. She consistently goes above and beyond to extend a helping hand to those in need, making a profound difference in their lives. Her warmth and genuine care for others make her an exceptional advocate for the Hallmark Foundation.  

In her role as a trustee of the Hallmark Foundation, Neha is dedicated to fostering a culture of giving, collaboration, and lasting impact. Through her vision, leadership and unwavering commitment, she continues to inspire others to join the movement towards creating a better world for all.